Forex Money Management – Incorporating the 80-20 Rule For Triple Digit Gains

Forex money management is the hardest part of forex trading and most traders simply make errors that doom them to failure. Here we will look at how understanding the 80 / 20 rule and using it in your trading system can make you bigger profits with less risk…

The 80 / 20 rule is simple and states:

That a small number of causes (20%) is responsible for a large percentage (80%) of the effect. The principle was named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who noted that 80% of income in Italy was received by just 20% of the population. The value of the Pareto Principle in life and forex trading is – it tells you to focus on the 20 percent of your trading that really matters.

Most traders simply trade too much and the 20% that matters are really just the high odds trades – get rid of the marginal and low odds trades and trade high odds set ups only.

The fact is many traders think the more they trade the better and the more chance they have of enjoying currency trading success. Most try trading the market noise and try forex day trading or scalping – but they are doomed to failure and get wiped out. Trading profits are not correlated to how often you trade, as you are only judged on being right with your trading signal.

If you trade 100 times or twice all that matters is the amount of money you put in the bank from your market timing.

I know traders who trade just a few times a year and make somewhere between 100 – 200% just simply because they wait for high odds trades, hit them and hold them.

Trading less, is more time efficient and more profitable.

Look at any new traders account and they will be over trading and if you make the mistake of taking marginal trades you will lose.

Money management is all about protecting the account equity you a have and if you focus on high odds set ups only, you are going to increase your profit potential overall.

The 80 / 20 rule works in forex trading just as it does in all areas of life and if you use it in forex trading you will focusing on making money and that at the end of the day, is what forex trading is all about.

So think about it, apply it, watch your profits soar and your account equity risk decline and get on the road to currency trading success.

Automatic Forex Trading Robot – Advantages of Automatic Currency Trading Software

Forex trading is an incredibly lucrative way to make money. However, due to the great changes you get in forex trading, it is not easy to beginners to determine when to place and stop trades.

Many experienced traders take years of experience and understanding of the forex market to be able to profit from the currency trading market.

However, with ever increasing powerful computers, it is now possible to delegate some of the more mundane tasks of monitoring the forex market to forex trading software. Thus came the existence of automated robots that helps to monitor and alert you of any major changes in your forex trades.

The computerised process algorithms in these forex trading robot software are amalgamation of successful minds in the fields as diverse as Mathematics, Psychology, Forex market etc. This enables the software to act impeccably in all conditions. Further more, the Automatic Forex Trading does not require constant human supervision. Tuned to match all situations,it can even trade on your behalf.

Automated forex trading robots are now commonly used thanks to its ability to decide as per the market scenario and analysis of market history. It takes in account the analysis, strategies and speculations, which fall beyond what most ordinary people can do. It computes on behalf of the user to optimise the profit in the economic conditions.

With automatic forex trading, you can trade in parallel, or along with the top leaders. Endowed to match their calibre it can live up to expectations. As it is pure logical process, there is no scope for emotional errors. The user can be anxiety free even in the toughest situation. It has proved to be competitive and reliable over the years, around the globe.

The ability to interact in multiple markets also gives it a edge. It is compatible with all formats of trading, hence removes the user’s restriction to personal domain. Automatic currency trading software assists you in grabbing the opportunities when and where they surface. Being active 24×7, it can help you monitor the forex market when you can be sleeping.

Nowadays, most automatic software are easy to use and user-friendly. It is suitable for people new to forex trading as well.

Forex Robots – 4 Major Reasons Traders Lose With Them

Can you make money with a Forex Robot? The answer is yes – but most traders lose with even a good robot! Here we will give you the 4 reasons traders lose and how to find the best automated Forex trading system for you…

First of all most of the Forex Robots sold are junk and lose money because they base their track record on logic that is not correct.

1. Do Not Expect Simulated Back Tests to Repeat

Most Forex robots present a simulated back test on historical back data as evidence that you are likely to make the same going forward!

This is of course not true, as anyone can make money knowing the closing prices but in the real world of trading this key advantage is not available to you.

All vendors do is – bend the rules of their system until it fits the data and gives a profit. Of course as no two pieces of historical data ever repeat, the system breaks in real time trading and the system losses.

Bending rules to fit the data is a bit like shooting at a barn wall and then drawing a chalk circle, around every shot, to make it a bulls-eye, after the event!

If you expect a simulation to give you profits in real life, you will end up disappointed and with a wipe out of equity.

2. Not Enough Cash to Start with

Most Forex robots claim you can start trading with $100 or so well even with a good system this simply is not enough money to give you any staying power and the account gets wiped out.

Now let’s say, you have a good Forex trading system with a real track record of profits, you still have to keep two key points in mind when trading it or you will lose.

3. Learn the Logic and get Confidence

I often see the phrase you can trade and not know what you are doing – but you can’t! Even if you are following a proven system, you need to know the logic on which it is based, or you will not have the confidence to trade through a losing period and stay with your system.

All systems have drawdown and you need to have, rock solid confidence to keep going until you hit a home run and this is based on knowing what you are doing.

4. Ignore the Short Term Focus Long Term

Most Forex traders want to make a short term killing but you must focus long term and ignore the short term. Most automated Forex trading systems will face drawdown periods of a few weeks to a few months and drawdown from peak equity is normally at least 25%, you need to ignore this and focus on a 2 or 3 year holding period and be patient.

A FREE Robot for Big Gains

Forex robots can and do, make money for patient disciplined traders who focus on the long term. The naive, greedy traders, (who are the majority) look for a quick killing in the market and trust simulations and they lose.

If you want a good Forex robot that’s free and works look up the 4 Week Rule.

What To Consider Before Using Automated Forex Trading Tools

Automated forex trading is fast becoming a trend because of the innovation and productivity that it brings. Forex has now become a very demanding business. It thrives on constant communication with your business networks and also needs immediate attention especially when values fluctuate and change accordingly. It automates your business so you can take care of crucial things as they happen and be able to multitask conveniently as well.

But simulated forex trading is an investment. You’d be surprised how the price can range depending on the manufacturer. This type of forex trading device often comes with a patent so it can cost you a lot. To help you decide if this type of forex tool is the right one for you, here are some important things you might want to consider first.

1. Budget – It would be a good idea to have a rough canvass of the automated forex trading software that are currently available in the market. This would give you an idea how much you can budget for this tool. It would be best to come up with a shortlist of choices so you can compare and contrast the prices according to its specific features. This would also help you identify the best sellers for the said software.

2. Technical Requirements – Consider your own tech-savviness when choosing among your simulated forex trading options. How much effort will it take on your part to make it work? Is it something that you are already familiar with or would you still need to learn some technical stuff to make it work? You should also check how compatible the software is with your computer’s system.

3. Storage Capacity – One of the most important things about having simulated forex trading is that it allows you to store your files and database while it runs. As you make transactions on an automatic manner, you need to consider logs and such things that you might not personally be able to see as you are not logged onto the system. Check out the database of the said forex trading tool, it might be better to have one that runs on an online server so that you can freely access it wherever you are.

4. User Interface – Whether you are a tech-savvy or not, it’s always best to have a simulated forex trading system that you can easily run to – something that allows you to make changes with your settings, as well as buy and trade currencies when their best values appear. Choose a user-interface that’s easy to understand and manipulate so that you can minimize problems along the way.

5. Support Services – Trading tools always come with their very own support services especially if it was specifically manufactured and sold. This is important to note before you even buy the product especially if you are completely new to the use of an automated trading platform. It would also be good to consider where the support services is located as well as the means of reaching the said support system.

What are Forex Robots?

What Are Forex Robots?

The Forex market is one of the most volatile markets and yet the most continuous and simultaneous trading in the world. A Forex trader profits from the movement of the different currency worldwide.  It’s market is very speculative and unpredictable.  Currency values can change in milliseconds because of different factors.  This is where Forex robots come in.

Forex robots enable traders to trade without making emotions rule trading.  There would be times when traders exit a trade because of changes, only to find out that the endangered value would come up again.  For some traders, keeping your emotions in check and maintaining composure and being rational can be very difficult. Continue reading “What are Forex Robots?”

Robotic or Discretionary Forex Trading – Which is best?

Pure forex discretionary trading will rely solely on the traders judgement. For example a discretionary trader may spot a particular pattern developing on a chart and decide to enter a trade on that basis. It would be impossible to systemize their trading because it relies on subjective judgements and gut feel.

Robotic forex Trading

Pure robotic forex trading involves the development of trading rules that cover every situation, from entry to exit and position sizing. The trader is executing a predefined plan. They must however take every trade that the system gives them which can be difficult if the trader begins to think too much!

Both sets of trader are working hard at different times and at different things. The Robot trader spends time developing a system and does not need to think whilst trading, merely executing a plan. The discretionary trader has to be thinking all the time that they are trading and can suffer from information overload.

Which is best?

The answer is probably a combination of both approaches. Coming to the market with a proven strategy rather than relying on gut instinct is far less stressful and gives the trader more confidence. However the markets are always changing and one trading strategy will not work forever – i.e. the Turtle Traders. Strategies will always need updating.

Many traders will use a robot to generate buy and sell signals but then use discretion, reading the market, to attempt to gain better fill prices.

All successful traders will use some sort of proven trading strategy to begin with but the level of discretion allowed by it will vary. A trader with no plan at all will fail.


Newbies Forex Robots

Forex trade is becoming more lucrative and attracting more and more people to start trading.  There is about $3 trillion turnover everyday and more people are becoming interested.  If you are a newcomer in this field, there are lot of things that you would hear from authorities and “so-called experts,” like using Forex robots and other automated trading strategy.

There are things that you need to know about Forex trading, as beginner.

• Not everybody in the Forex trading wins everyday.  This is totally a myth.  As a matter of fact, there is about 95 percent of Forex traders who lose their money everyday.  Start erasing all your images that Forex trading is uncomplicated and can be done easily.  Winning in Forex trading is not only about proper trading tools and equipments.  It is also about trading knowledge and mindset.

• Forex trading is not only about winning.  There are also losing periods.  It is important to know and understand Continue reading “Newbies Forex Robots”